Help, My Chihuahua Had a Seizure

I had another seizure the other day. It was scary for daddy because his last Chihuahua had seizures her whole life. I have them too. About once a month.

Seizures in Chihuahuas sometimes happen after age 2.

I turned 8 last October. I sometimes feel it coming on so I find my daddy and start shaking. I lick my lips and act a bit strange.

Daddy recognizes the signs and picks me up. That’s usually when I suddenly stiffen up and go into my seizure stage.

Daddy holds me until the seizure passes and I get back to my normal state of repose.

Daddy puts me down on the floor and I sort of stand there a bit before resuming my usual routines. It only lasts about 30 seconds. I never lose consciousness, or control of my bladder or bowels. But I do have a little trouble standing for a minute or so.

What causes seizures in dogs?

There could be many reasons for a seizure. Some are scarier than others, such as brain tumor, lyme disease and epilepsy. Try not to panic too much. Talk to your vet first.

After the seizure, all things normal.

After a little bit I was back to normal. Daddy contacted my vet, who did some blood tests. He didn’t find anything abnormal. Said my brain might have been overstimulated, triggering the seizure. He does not want to start me on medication unless he absolutely has to because I would have to continue it for life.

Since I am eating and drinking and playing as I normally do between seizures, daddy decided to wait and see. The Chihuahua before me had seizures once or twice a year for many years. As she got older, she had more seizures and eventually had to be put on medication to control them. She also stiffened up but it lasted longer than a few seconds and took longer to recover.

Hopefully I won’t have to go on medication. You know how much I hate visiting the vet. And medicine is yucky, no matter how my daddy tries to hide it.

Tips if Your Dog is Having a Seizure

  1. Keep your pet safe. Clear the area around them or hold them if possible.
  2. Remain calm. Your Chihuahua will not feel safe and secure if you’re screaming and wailing.
  3. Don’t try to hold your Chi’s tongue. Dogs can’t swallow their tongue and may bite you unconsciously.
  4. Reassure your Chi both during and after the seizure. They may be confused and scared.
  5. Keep a close eye on your pet after the seizure passes to make sure they are okay and that another one doesn’t happen soon after.
  6. Call your vet for further instructions. Better to be safe than sorry.

My vet recommended my daddy relieve some of my stress by giving me Rescue Remedy in my water daily to help keep me calm. I’m not sure it’s working but at least the seizures are only about one a month. Check out these other stress relieving remedies at Amazon.

If you want to try Rescue Remedy check out this link.

12 thoughts on “Help, My Chihuahua Had a Seizure”

  1. My little boy Charger (chihuahua) is having seizers. He first statrs drooling at the mouth, than his eyes fixates on something and then begins to shake. I try to stay very calm, and I say over and over again just breeth. When he is having the seizer I feel he stops breathing? It that true?? What can I do to stop these? My vet state there is either a block in the heart or brain? Is that true? Someone PLEASE HELP me, I just can’t go through losing him right now it would completely destoy me…

  2. Seizures are very scary. My last Chihuahua had many of them but she did not drool or shake much. She mostly stiffened up and was out of it. Then she came around but had difficulty standing or walking for a while. My vet gave her medication, prednisone, which seemed to help.

    I am not a vet. Maybe you should get a second opinion to find out what you can do. Maybe someone else has advice. I know it’s painful to watch. My Tasha lived to be over 15 in spite of the seizures. She also had a bowel disease and spinal damage that caused her to not be able to walk in her last year or so. I do believe she enjoyed being carried around wherever she wanted to go.

  3. our little boo has had three seizures she is on phenabarbitol -she is only awake for an hour each day i need to take her back to the vet-but they charged 625.00 to give her a shot and to do her blood i cant afford anymore of there “loving” care—what do i do now??

  4. This is very sad to hear. I’ve had a few dogs that have had seizures and lived to be 15 or 16 each. I am not a vet and do not know anything about your little Boo, but unless Boo is very old, being awake for only an hour a day seems like something is wrong. Maybe the medication is too strong.

    I recommend either going to another vet for re-evalution or finding a low cost pet clinic in your area. Anyone else have any recommendations? Lucy and I wish you lots of luck.

  5. Sadie had a seizure earlier this evening,her second this month. The last one was about six months ago and a few a year ago . tonight she was on the couch I heard her jump off the couch and was under my feet in a few seconds. I was on the computer. She could not stand and I picked her up and wraped her in her blanket. Held her close and talked her through it. She doesn’t convulse , just stiffens up. It scared me. I love her very much. She is nine years old and like many people I can’t afford to take her to a vet. What is wrong with my Sadie?

  6. Watching your little Chihuahua (or any dog for that matter) have a seizure is a very scary sight. It’s best to keep them safe and warm during and after the seizure. Try not to panic because your dog will pick up on this and be scared too.

    I’m not a vet so I don’t know what’s wrong with your Chihuahua. I know my last Chihuahua, named Tasha, had seizures throughout her life. Tasha also just stiffened up and became disoriented. When she came out of it she was unsteady for a little while then acted like nothing happened. Eventually she was put on medication which helped keep down the number of seizures. She lived to be 15.

    Perhaps you can find a low cost vet or animal clinic in your area. I always felt better after my Chihuahua had seen a vet. You can also search for an online vet. Not as good as seeing one, but maybe better than nothing.

  7. my baby sassy has had 7 seizures counting yesterdays i gave her the pill the vet said to give but she cant get over them i don’t know what todo the vets isnt open right now and i’m extremly worried can you please help me i don’t know what todo.

  8. I hope you were able to take your Sassy to the vet. Lucy has been having seizures about once a month, that I’m aware of. Occasionally she’ll have it more frequently. Sometimes less often. I stopped giving her Advantage flea medication since reading that it can cause seizures. A blood test revealed no abnormalities. The vet said it’s possible her brain gets overstimulated and this is the result. She is not on any medication, but a previous Chihuahua I had was on medication for seizures which helped her. Unfortunately she had other issues that caused her to eventually become paralyzed and unable to walk in her later years.

    I wish you good luck and let us know how it turns out.

  9. Hi my ChI trinty stated to stare then shake her eyes stated shaking back and fourth she never had a seizure before why does her eyes flutter back and forth can somebody please help me she is sleeping in my lap right know please help thanks kerri

  10. I would take my Chihuahua to the vet to make sure everything is okay. Lucy has seizures about once a month, sometimes more. The vet did tests and concluded her brain may get overstimulated at times from stress and this is the result. He does not want to give medication at this point because she would have to be on it for the rest of her life.

  11. I bong trinty 2 the vet he didn’t give her any med he want to wait to see if see has 3 more she seems to be a little better she can’t see that good kinda spaced out the vet also said she almost blind she only 11 years old thanks everybody

  12. My little chi had a seizure today and I’m kind to the little dog. My husband asked if I hurt the dog ! It’s a tiny baby. Why would I hurt such a small animal?

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