Is Your Chihuahua Stressed?

white chiHolidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be very stressful for your little Chihuahuas. The big people that surround us can pass their stress onto us. Even little children knocking on the door can cause us anxiety. There’s yelling, screaming, running, jumping, throwing. Gosh, it’s a wonder we survive from nap to nap.

Like some little dogs, I am prone to seizures. My vet said it’s my brain mis-firing with information overload. Other causes have been ruled out via a blood test.

So every month or two I stiffen up and check out for a minute or so. My daddies are very concerned about me. Dr. Vet recommended adding 4- 6 drops of Rescue Remedy daily to my water dish to help calm me down. It seems to be working because my seizures are less frequent and shorter than they used to be. And if it’s not helping with seizures, at least it makes my daddies feel like they’re doing something helpful.

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  1. Chihuahuas, like all dogs, can experience stress and anxiety. Some signs that your Chihuahua may be stressed include excessive barking or whining, panting, shaking, hiding, and reduced appetite. If your chihuahua is showing signs of stress it’s important to identify the cause and take steps to address it. Common causes of stress in Chihuahuas include changes in their environment, lack of socialization, and unfamiliar people or animals. To help reduce stress in your Chihuahua, you can provide them with a safe and comfortable environment, give them plenty of exercise and playtime, and establish a consistent routine. I appreciate your article. Also visit this website :

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