Lucy Makes Top 20 Dog Blog!

Lucy napping.
Catching a much needed nap.

I am absolutely thrilled to find out that my blog has been chosen as one of the 20 finalists in the Award Contest. Can you believe it? Check out the fancy award seal on my site.

I have all my family, friends and fans to thank for this honor.

This is what had to say:

Your Blog was successful in getting more than 50 votes from your readers / friends / family, and was then reviewed by our in-house dog training experts who felt that your Blog is regularly updated with good content and pictures and is a very helpful resource for dog owners and dog lovers.

For being one of the 20 Finalists I will soon have the opportunity to give away free 10-year memberships to’s Elite Dog Owner’s Club.

The Elite Dog Owner’s Club a unique online club that helps members get access to exclusive videos, audio recordings, and articles on different aspects of dog training, and also features exclusive interviews with some of the most famous dog trainers in the world.

Membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club costs $37 per month. Therefore, a 10 year membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club is worth $4,440.

If you could see me now you’d see my tail wagging. I’m so excited to be able to give away these memberships.

Keep coming back for further details.

Other things to look forward to are blog posts on the benefits of teeth brushing and updates on my surgeries. Time for a nap because I will be very busy this week and beyond.

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