Lucy’s Daddies

Papa Lee and Daddy Charlie
Papa Lee and Daddy Charlie

I have two daddies, Charlie and Lee. They have been together for over seventeen years and treat me very well. Daddy Charlie is easy going. I can get away with a lot more shenanigans. He gives in to my whining easier than Papa Lee does. Papa Lee is stricter. He likes to rough-house with me, at least as much as he can with a little girl Chihuahua.

Papa Lee puts some of my treasured toys away in a box, saying I have too many out. Once in a while a “lost” toy comes back and another disappears. Daddy Charlie, on the other hand, is the one always getting me new toys to play with. He’s the one who feeds me, walks me daily and let’s me sleep on his lap while he works in his home office.

We now have two little boys living with us. They are quite the handful. But I’m up to the task of amusing and comforting them when needed. In return I get lots of love and new playmates.

5 thoughts on “Lucy’s Daddies”

  1. Lucy, you have it made, little girl – TWO daddies, and one is a spoiler – how great is that?
    You are very ambitious – a 2 mile daily walk? You must be very slim and trim.
    I enjoy your blog.

  2. Me and my mommy jackie love your website,and you are the most beautiful chi in the whole world lucy.are your daddy’s music lovers?, is that how you got your name? thats how i got mine.well have a great week.

  3. Dear Lucy,
    I am a very pretty white and red chi, all 10 1/2 lbs. I like to eat my companions food, so I will be going on a diet and exercise more often. Today I went to the doctor and had a fatty tumor removed. The doctor just called Mommie and told her I did fine. I was very scared and kept shaking. Mommie left me at that horrible place with that girl who acts like a chicken because I have teeth and I was so scared. Thank you for your thoughts on this blog. I am going to do my best to stop eating everyone elses diner and people food and go for more walks. My best friend is a Goffins cockatoo named Kiwi, who is very smart. I can’t wait to see Mommie and Kiwi, but old snaggle tooth Tiger and that little stud, Chico will just have to wait till I get back on my feet again. Love, Cherie

  4. Dear Cherie,

    So glad to hear you did well on your surgery. I had to get a check up last Monday. I hate that place. They weighed me (8.5 lbs.) and took my temperature in my butt. How embarrassing. I now go on two mid sized walks and one shortish one daily. I’m not allowed to eat much “people” food except veggies and a bit of rice and sauce with my high quality human grade Merrick dog food.

    Take care of yourself.


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