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Ask Lucy: Why Does My Chihuahua Growl At Me?

I received the following email from Ana:

“I have a beautiful chihuahua Minnie a girl who is 5 months old she’s great affectionate playful always give you lots of kisses when you get home.  There is one thing about her that no one likes. She growls at you at me my husband and the kid.  What can I do for that to stop? or is this part of her personality?

Please advise, very concerned.”

Dear Ana,

Thanks for bringing up this important question.

I am a relatively friendly Chihuahua. I love meeting people. But some things do make me growl. Such as when my daddy puts on my harness to go for a walk. I just don’t want to be disturbed. Or when I see a cat or squirrel.

It is in the nature of some dogs to growl.

It’s our way of showing disapproval for whatever it is you’re doing to annoy us. We haven’t learned how to roll our eyes as yet.

It’s possible your Chihuahua might have decided that he or she is the pack leader and should be obeyed. This is probably not a good thing and should be dealt with a little patient re-training in between treats.

Sometimes the growling is an end in itself. But in some dogs it could be followed by biting. All forms of aggression should be promptly dealt with, gently yet firmly and not with aggression. My daddy does not hit nor should anyone hit their dogs, especially a little Chihuahua.

But a firm “NO” should make the Chi know they’ve done something wrong. Then ignore them for a while. If you give too much attention to negative behavior you are actually rewarding the dog. We all love attention, no matter we have to do to get it.

If you’re having a problem with your dog’s aggressive behavior, you may consider seeing an animal behaviorist. It might be worth the expense.

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