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My Chihuahua seems to cough after drinking water. What’s up with that?

Whenever I drink water, it seems I sort of choke. It upsets my daddy a bit, but he’s used to a Chihuahua making that scary choking noise. He last little Chi girl had a similar affliction. It doesn’t ever last long, thought. Gently rubbing my throat seems to help it go away.

So I spent a little time tapping away on my computer keyboard and discovered that this occasional honking-like noise is not unusual for Chihuahuas. An “elongated soft palate” is thought to become “temporarily misaligned”. Sometimes referred to as “reverse sneezing”, this event can be caused by your Chi getting too excited, pulling hard on a leash (it’s always best to use a comfy harness) or drinking too fast. “Reverse sneezing” should not be confused with a condition called “collapsed trachea”.

It’s always best to consult your friendly neighborhood vet if your Chi has choking issues. Better safe than choking.