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Tips on Driving with Your Chihuahua

It’s fun taking your Chihuahua out for a drive. Some of us really enjoy this activity. It means we get to go to new and exciting places. Or we may be visiting our extended friends and family.

A fancy new dress. Ready for a drive.

Unfortunately some Chis are afraid of getting in the car. This may be because they only go for a drive when they’re visiting the V-E-T. If this is the case, perhaps you should take your Chihuahua for short trips to places they may enjoy.

I always enjoy going out to eat with my daddies. I get to sit on one of their laps and do some people watching. If a piece of food happens to fall near me, I grab it.

I also get to go to all family gatherings. And vacations. And the pet store where I get treats.

Helpful Driving Tips

  • Keep a bowl and bottled water in your car. You never know when your Chi will get thirsty.
  • Put your Chihuahua in a strapped in carrier or special dog seat for little dogs.
  • Never drive with your Chihuahua in your lap. A sudden stop, accident or airbag explosion could do some serious damage. A Chihuahua flying out the window is not a pretty sight.
  • A free-range Chihuahua in your car could be distracting. And they have a hard time sticking their head out the window for fresh air.
  • Never, ever leave your Chi alone in a car, especially if it’s either too hot or too cold. Either way, it could be fatal. Or they could be stolen.

For more information, please read Dangers of Driving With Dogs.