Tips on Cleaning Your Chihuahua’s Bedding

Here I am, resting on my “tuffet”.

I am one lucky Chihuahua. I have four beds, each in a different room, and a “tuffet” (fluffy pillow) on the sofa.

My daddy insists on walking me several times a day so I do get a bit dirty. At least on the bottom of my feet. That means my beds get a bit dirty, a little bit at a time. I don’t notice it, but my daddies do. So occasionally my beds need to be cleaned.

Cleaning Your Pet’s Bed

Make sure the bed, blanket, and pillows are machine washable. Surprisingly so many pet blankets and beds must be hand washed and line dried. Dogs tend to get messy and so does their bedding. How inconvenient to have to hand wash your dog’s bedding. Especially if they have more than one bed.

Machine Washable Pet Beds

When you do machine wash your dog’s bedding, use the most gentle cycle available. Preferably the hand washable or gentle setting.

Try to use scent-free detergent. Our noses are very sensitive to all smells, and we prefer our own. Perfumed soaps and softeners can be overwhelming.

Wash your pet’s bed in sections.

If possible, wash parts of your pet’s bedding on different days. Blankets one day. Bottom pad another. Main bed the next day. This way, we have some familiar smells mingled with the clean smell we have to get rid of.

Don’t forget to dry your pet’s bedding on low so you don’t shrink it.

Last time my daddy washed me and all my bedding at once and I was not happy. All my familiar and comforting smells were gone. I freaked and did not want to go in my bed. My daddy had to put his used jammies in my bed in order to give it that comfy and familiar smell before I would give in and use the bed. Daddy won’t make that same mistake again. I never get to sleep in the big bed.

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  1. Such a lovely and helpful post! Our girl got a chihuahua puppy for her birthday and we already bought two beds. Keeping the house clean with such a small puppy will be easy and your tips seem to be quite helpful for this task. Thanks for sharing this nice info!

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