What Should I Do if My Chihuahua has an Upset Stomach?

Lucy at Rest
Please leave me alone.

Chihuahuas, like most dogs and people too, sometimes get upset stomachs. You can tell when we upchuck all over the floor, sofa and even in our beds. Sometimes we give you a warning with a heaving, yucky sound. That’s your chance to move us gently to a better spot or grab a paper towel or two.

Most likely your little Chi ate something “bad”. When I was a puppy one of my daddies tossed a foam pillow on the floor and left it there. Of course I had to inspect it with my mouth. By the time I was discovered by my other daddy I had chewed up a nice little hole in the pillow. He tried to get the pieces from me but I showed him. I ate them. Yumm. Except a few hours later I got the shivers. Then I proceeded to hurl my dinner, lunch and breakfast at once. After decorating the carpet in several places I took to my sickbed and hid under the covers until the shivering went away. I was not  hungry that night.

The best thing to do is leave your little dog alone if that’s what they want. They need time to recuperate. Make sure they are warm and comfortable. Keep a watchful eye out for any signs of serious distress.

The next day I was back to normal and ate as usual. But you may want to consult your vet as to what to feed your Chi with an upset tummy. You may want to try boiled ground beef, turkey or chicken mixed with plain white rice with a little extra water to prevent dehydration.

You can find lots of advice and remedies online for Chihuahuas who have upset stomachs, like  “Homecare for the Vomiting Dog” from PetPlace.com.

Again, if your little Chi is up-chucking all over the place all day long you should consult your vet immediately.

9 thoughts on “What Should I Do if My Chihuahua has an Upset Stomach?”

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  2. 2 chis- One is always sick. Eats way to fast. Purchased bowl. Helped to some degree. Has nausea every time he eats. 3 and a half pounds. Three years old. Science diet toy breed food. Guess he does not like this brand. Script food coast way more. Any ideas. Other chi is 3 pounds sheads all over. Food I presume. HELP.

  3. Sorry to hear about your sick Chi. 3 and a half pounds is very little. Lucy is oversized at 10.5 pounds and she eats very well. I feed her Merrick dog food. I combine dry and canned Turduckin.

    I would first consult with your vet before changing dog food, especially if your Chi is always sick. There may be something wrong. Better to be safe than sorry. If money is a problem you may be able to find a low cost animal clinic. I wish you luck.

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  5. I hope you can help me!
    I just adopted a 7 week old chihuahua puppy, (super tiny he only weighs 9 ounces!) the previous owner fed the litter pups ADULT soft chunky dog food! I bought one packet but he wouldn’t eat it so I decided to give him the same brand but in a canned PUPPY food. BIG mistake! He stopped eating it after 24 hrs and then got diarrhea and got lethargic. I immediately gave him some warm sugar water and ran out and got NutriCal. Thankfully that perked him up but he was still limp. I took him into the vet the same morning (yesterday) and she checked his blood sugar from a tiny prick in his ear and his sugar was high because of the Nutra Cal and sugar water..which was good- she even gave him a cat treat and he ate at a little bit of it!

    But now he still won’t eat even when I mix the packet that he was on when he was first weened and the puppy food I gave him. I even opened new fresh packets. I also picked up this canned food to help change a dogs or cats diet -it’s made of almost pure pumpkin purée. He loves that and will lick up a little bit of it. It’s supposed to help calm their stomach when you change their foods.

    I was up all night checking on him and giving him NutraCal every 3 1/2 hours plus trying to see if he’ll eat his food and he won’t. He loves the NutraCal and will eat a tiny amount of the pumpkin food, thankfully. And he’s lapping up a little bit of water when I put it right up to his face.

    Do you know what I can do to get his tummy back on track?? He turned away from the puppy food in disgust. Ugh. I need to get him to eat like he did when I first introduced the puppy food to him. HELP!!

  6. I’d recommend speaking with an expert, like your vet. I wouldn’t take a chance when it comes to something as important as eating.

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