Why does my Chihuahua freak out and hide?

This has happened a few times. Everything is fine, I’m playing, acting my normal, cheerful self. Then it suddenly strikes. I freak and start running around the room with my tail between my legs. I have that scared look in my eyes. My ears are down. Then comes the shivers.

Just last night I was having a good time. I had a nice walk. Ate my dinner and was playing catch with my stuffed racoon and my two daddies. When I tore the foot partly off my racoon my daddy took it away before I had a chance to eat the tempting stuffing. I waited patiently while my daddy sewed my racoon’s foot back on and we played some more. Both daddies were on the floor so I had all the attention I could want. Except for that distracting television on the wall, of course.

I even enjoyed a crumb or two that fell on the floor from a cookie. Then I freaked. Eventually I ended up on my daddy’s lap under a blankie, shivering. This is so not like me. Usually nighttime is play time until I wear my daddies out.

From there I went to my other daddy on the couch and perched myself on his neck while leaning against the sofa back. I could not find a good place to rest. I did not want any snacks. I ignored the chex-mix my daddy was eating and eventually ran into my bed and hid under my blankies. In the middle of the night I went into the bedroom and hid under the blankies in my other bed.

Come morning I was back to normal as if nothing had happened. There was no barfing, no diarrhea, no loud noises, no earthquake, no explanation. I did get lots of worried attention, though. Not much helpful info online.

Has this ever happened to you, or your Chihuahua?

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  1. Hello!
    My name is Mona and my chihuahua is behaving exactly the same like yours for some time now. It was allways hiding but, after few minutes she was ok. For 3 days now, she does not eat at all by herself and she is hiding under blanket, furniture or courtaind. She is 1 year and half old now. I wend to doctors and they have told me that can be a fobia of some kind or a psihical trauma. I’m terrified!!!! Did you found out what caused these hiding? Thx!

  2. I have not found out what causes my little Chihuahua to suddenly freak out and hide under her blankets. It happens almost every week. Sometimes it lasts a few minutes. Sometimes it occurs in the evening and she stays in bed until the morning when she acts perfectly fine.

    It could be a flea that is crawling on her. I use Advantage but she still gets fleas. Or maybe she just hears something or smells something. I’m not sure. I do know that I don’t hear or see anything unusual to cause this behavior. She is not afraid of sirens or fireworks, thank goodness. If I figure it out I will be sure to report it here.

  3. Your pups may have heared and ultrasound? My neighbour uses one on my puppy when she plays and yapps!!! She can be in mid fun when she flips and slinks around the room with her tail between her legs…

  4. My italian greyhound mix is doing the exact thing at this very second. It happened last fall, a few times, and then she has been fine for months. Now, this is the 2nd time in 3 nights this has happened. I see her start to freak, she runs and hides under the ottoman. She goes as fast and as low to the ground as she can. She is under the blanket shivering on my lap right now. Not sure why this happens either, but I’m guessing it’s something she is hearing that I am not. I wish I knew.

  5. My chi is doing showing the same type of behavior. At night, she sleeps in bed with me. But lately, she seems like she hears something and won’t lay down and starts shaking. (She only shakes when going to vet or if sick) She then goes under the bed for a couple hours. She is eating and doesn’t seem sick. Someone please tell me what’s wrong!!

  6. I took my Chihuahua to the vet last week for her yearly checkup. I asked him about this behavior because Lucy occasionally will “freak out” and run under the covers of her bed. He said she probably hears something that humans can’t hear and got scared. Hope this helps.

  7. My poor little Chihuahua was left chained to a pourch for the first year of her life until I rescued her. Talk about freak outs! If I drop a piece of paper on the ground she runs for cover, if I accidentally drop a pan in the kitchen she will shake for hours. Anything out of the ordinary and she starts shaking and runs under the bed.
    Surprisingly, she will let her baby sister (also a Chihuahua) nip at her chase her tumble and bite at her and never gets upset. If anything I have trouble getting her to stop playing. Somtimes in the hot weather she will play to long with her sister and I’m afraid she will get a heat stroke so I stop her. She also likes to stay in the bedroom that does not have airconditioning, and one day got overheated even though she has the run of the airconditioned house she stays in the hot bedroom. For some reason she does not seem to sense she is getting too hot, and does not seek cooler places in the house. I will have to keep the room shut off from her until the weather gets cooler.

  8. I do know Chihuahuas love to be warm. Maybe the air-conditioned part of the house is too cool. My Lucy loves to go under her blankets no matter how warm it is. Occasionally she’ll sleep on top but mostly not.

  9. So glad I found this page. My Chihuahua is doing the exact same thing. Had his blood tested and had x-rays taken today…all his levels are normal and nothing showed up on his x-ray.

    The vet said it could be too cold in our house. I do like to keep the AC low and that could be the cause. It mostly happens at night for my Chi also.

    Looking forward to see what others have to say.

  10. Unfortunately Lucy has a few fleas, in spite of bathing and Advantage. A small flea come and tape helps get rid of the little critters. Sometimes I see Lucy try to reach her back legs and then runs off to her bed. I wonder if the fleas are biting and scaring her. Hmmm…

  11. I just wrote about a Chihuahua I just rescued about a month ago and want to name her Kozey as she loves to climb
    under the blankets on bed a good part of the day. I think I read somewhere it is what Chihuahua breeds do…. Don’t
    know why ….. if anybody knows for sure….let me know as I am thinking it might be a personality problem. Thanks.
    Also, problem with trying to name her. Have thought about Pebbles, or some other small dog name if decide against
    Kozey. Ever heard of the good movie “Baby Jane”? Since my name is Mary Jane….that might be cute. ha.

  12. My puppy is a around 17-18 weeks old now and he has done this sudden freak out screaming and running to hide thing 3 times. It lasts about 2mins but takes about 4 to 5mins before he will come out of hiding. I am really concerned because he hardly eats anymore has gotten very thin this past week or two.

  13. I suggest you take your puppy to the vet if you haven’t already. Lucy hasn’t freaked out in a while. Guess she may have outgrown it. She’s 7 now. And she does love to eat!

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