Why Does My Chihuahua Hiccup?

Lucy at Work
Sleeping on the job.

Because we can. Just like humans, dogs can get the hiccups. Mostly this happens with puppies if they eat or drink too fast. They usually outgrow this.

Sometimes I still get the hiccups just because. Mostly hiccups are harmless, but if you notice other symptoms such as vomiting, see your dreaded vet.

4 thoughts on “Why Does My Chihuahua Hiccup?”

  1. Thank you! I was starting to freak, thinking my chihuahua was gravely sick. By the way, your chihuahua is very cute.

  2. Lucy appreciates the compliment. She thinks she’s cute too. Glad we could be of help. Lucy enjoys telling of all her life’s experiences as they happen.

  3. When my chihuahua was a pup she got hiccups a lot, and just like a human I could catch her off guard with a yah noise and touch her back, she would jump and her hiccups would be gone, now it only happens about once a month or less, and she acts happy after I scare her and her hiccups go away. I heard you can give them some peanut butter on a cracker or bread and by the time they get done eating it ,the hiccups are suppose to go away.

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