Why is my Chihuahua such a finicky eater?

It’s because we can be. Why eat the same old thing every day when, with a little effort, you can convince your “caretaker” that you need variety. If you ate your dog food without any problems you wouldn’t be getting any tasty add-ins.

This works very well with my daddy. I was eating the dry dog food. Mostly. Sometimes I just wasn’t that hungry. But I can tell that worried him. So he added some other dog food to my dry. Then when I grew tired of that, he added some dehydrated chicken pieces. Then occasionally dried beef pieces. All healthy dog treats.

Eventually I got canned food mixed with my dry. Now on top of that I get rice added in, carrots, apples, cauliflower, sauce, pieces of treats, even some cereal.

My main diet is human grade Merrick Turducken. There’s duck, chicken, and turkey. Who can ask for a better diet. But if I can get more, I say why not.

Some doctors say you should never give your dog people food. Dog food is made for a balanced diet. My daddy agrees, which is why he never gives me meat. It’s also why he adds in only a small bit of other doggie safe veggies and treats. But I fear he’s growing tired of that and might just make me eat only dog food. Pity. Guess I’ll have to work harder at it.


Note from Daddy Charlie: “I fed my last Chihuahua mostly people food and treats. She was overweight and in her later years not very healthy. She developed a protein deficiency and had to have special vitamins and medication. Not a pretty picture. I’m trying to do better this time. And it’s not always easy.”

3 thoughts on “Why is my Chihuahua such a finicky eater?”

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  2. Help I have two 6 month olds picky eaters I have tried blue buff and royal canin and science diet. I can’t find a canned food they will eat

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