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Chihuahua SpaI’ve been a busy girl lately but will soon be adding new and exciting content for all my loyal Chihuahua lovers.

Check back often.

Toys Make Life Fun for Your Chihuahua

I have more toys than I can play with. I want more.

All Chihuahuas love toys. I especially love stuffed animals that squeak. I have quite a collection.

Toys vs. Daddies

Toys make my life interesting and give me something to do. But toys are not a substitute for my daddies. In fact, being able to play games with my daddies make my toys even more fun. That’s because all dogs are social animals and love attention.

My stuffed mouse and porcupine are my current favorites. I also have a bunny, hippo and other various animals, but don’t find them as fascinating.

Toy Repair Hospital

Sometimes I manage to make a hole in my stuffed toy and pull out the stuffing. That is even more fun. But it is a solitary game. Once my daddy finds me doing this, that toy quickly vanishes. There is a toy hospital drawer in the kitchen and a sewing kit. After a while the toy reappears but the hole is gone. The challenge is for me to find or create more holes.

I also have a Kong toy. It has an odd shape and is made of hard rubber. There’s a hole in one end. It’s a pretty boring toy, except when my daddy puts a treat inside. It’s actually wedged in the hole. I eat the treat as much as I can.

The object is for me to learn how to get the entire treat out. Sometimes it’s too much work. I’ve taught my daddy how to get the treat out for me. It’s a simple trick. I take the Kong to daddy, lay it at his feet, and scratch at his leg. Eventually he gives in and gets the treat out for me. He never eats it himself. I guess he’s being nice to me. It’s fun to teach daddy a new trick.

Chuck-It, and daddy will throw it back

Another favorite toy is my Chuck-It ball. It’s a colorful, mini tennis ball. The perfect size for us little Chihuahuas. They seem to be multiplying. First I had one, then two. Now I have four. Five if you count the one I chewed up a bit. I don’t know where it is now, but I’m sure it will show up sooner or later.

The trick is to carry the ball to one daddy and toss it. He either throws it so I can retrieve it, or he kicks it with his foot. Either way, I get it and bring it back. I take turns going from one daddy to the other. Sometimes the ball gets stuck under furniture or something. I find that by staring at it for a time usually brings a daddy over to retrieve it. Daddies are fun to control. I get them to do all sorts of things for me.

Every so often I get a new toy. At first it’s fun, but I usually go back to my favorites. I’m a creature of habit. They say you should recycle your dog’s toys. By that I mean, take some away for a while and bring back old toys I haven’t seen in a while. It’s supposed to make them seem like new again. How stupid do you think I am. I can tell when a toy is new or not. New toys usually come in a plastic bag and have to have a tag to be removed. And there’s no slobbery smells on them yet.

Safe toys are best

Make sure your toys are sturdy. You don’t want your Chihuahua to eat a squeaker. I recently got one out of a toy and created a new toy for myself. Until my daddy stole it. I never did see that squeaker again.

For more information, read “Dog Toys: How to Figure Out What Your Dog Likes Best”

Doris Day Birthday Tribute

Doris Day is a great fan of us little dogs and animals of all kinds. April 3rd was her birthday and she called in “live” to a streamed broadcast on KIDD 630-AM in Carmel, California.

Ed Dickinson was the DJ host from 8am to noon, PST. Some of Doris’ famous songs as well as tributes and Doris herself was heard.

My daddy has been a great fan of Doris Day since 1962 when he first saw Jumbo at Radio City Music Hall. That’s a long, long, time ago I think. He even met her twice and she was very nice to him.

Don’t forget to check the Doris Day Tribute website for more information.

Update 4/3/11: It appears KIDD 630-AM did not have live streaming of Doris Day’s birthday celebration. But you can still listen to Doris and help celebrate her birthday on this special website.

Update 4/4/11: Listen to excerpts of Doris’ live phone call on her birthday. Also check the official Doris Day website to see when a recording of her birthday celebration will be posted.

Update 4/13/11: Listen to a more complete, commercial free version of Doris Day’s birthday interview on her official website.

Lucy Makes Top 20 Dog Blog!

Lucy napping.

Catching a much needed nap.

I am absolutely thrilled to find out that my blog has been chosen as one of the 20 finalists in the Award Contest. Can you believe it? Check out the fancy award seal on my site.

I have all my family, friends and fans to thank for this honor.

This is what had to say:

Your Blog was successful in getting more than 50 votes from your readers / friends / family, and was then reviewed by our in-house dog training experts who felt that your Blog is regularly updated with good content and pictures and is a very helpful resource for dog owners and dog lovers.

For being one of the 20 Finalists I will soon have the opportunity to give away free 10-year memberships to’s Elite Dog Owner’s Club.

The Elite Dog Owner’s Club a unique online club that helps members get access to exclusive videos, audio recordings, and articles on different aspects of dog training, and also features exclusive interviews with some of the most famous dog trainers in the world.

Membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club costs $37 per month. Therefore, a 10 year membership to the Elite Dog Owner’s Club is worth $4,440.

If you could see me now you’d see my tail wagging. I’m so excited to be able to give away these memberships.

Keep coming back for further details.

Other things to look forward to are blog posts on the benefits of teeth brushing and updates on my surgeries. Time for a nap because I will be very busy this week and beyond.

Vote for Lucy the Chi. Pretty Please!

Vote for Lucy

Cast your vote for AllMyChihuahuas and make Lucy happy.

I need your help. I have entered my blog in the “ 2010 Dog Blog Award” Contest and I need at least 50 votes by the 20th of February to qualify for “Round 2”.

So I am asking all my friends and loyal readers to visit and cast your vote for AllMyChihuahuas. Here is my unique Voting code:


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I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. It will certainly cheer me up as I anticipate my upcoming combination surgery for repairing my umbilical hernia, fixing my dislocated kneecap (Luxation of the patella) and pulling a pesky baby tooth that refused to fall out. More on that in a future post.

Thanks in advance.

Lucy and her daddies.