I Paws for Chihuahuas

You’ll Pause for this Chihuahua Paws T-Shirt

I Paws for Chihuahuas is a play on the word pause with a cute illustrated Chihuahua pressing the pause button. Perfect for dog shows, Chi meetings, dog training, dog parks, with other Read more

I Speak Chihuahuaese T-shirt

Funny and Adorable Chihuahua Lovers Tee Shirt

Click image above to view this hilarious shirt designed by Lucy and sold on Amazon.

Lucy’s first T-shirt available for sale on Amazon. Designed by Lucy and her daddy. We highly recommend Read more

Is Your Chihuahua Too Fat?

Oh my goodness. I said the “Fat” word. I myself am a girl of a certain size, but I think my pink belly is cute.

Unfortunately my daddies think I need to lose a pound or two as does Read more

How’s Your Doggie’s Mental Health?

How does your dog think? I think all the time. I always want to know when my next meal will be when I’m not napping.

Check out these carefully curated articles on your dog’s mental health. I think you Read more

How to Keep Your Dog Safe for Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Halloween. The night when kids of all ages come a knocking at my door to disturb my dinner and play time, begging for candy.

I know a lot about begging, but candy is Read more

Kill Fleas Now! Three Quick Solutions.

Is your little Chihuahua overrun with fleas? I hate having fleas crawling all over me. I have a short white coat so you can see those little buggers hopping and crawling.

My daddies hate fleas too. Who needs them? Read more

Summer Traveling with Your Chihuahua

Summer time is a fun time for many people who like to travel. The weather is warm and kids are off from school. Why not take your little Chi on a fun trip.

I enjoy traveling, as long as Read more

Lucy Celebrates Her 6th Birthday!

Contemplating my birthday.

Today is my sixth birthday. I’m in my prime. I choose to spend the day lounging in my day bed. And why not.

Last night I experienced another seizure. They come when I get overstimulated, Read more

Sudden Loss of Appetite

I love to eat. Everything, every day. But sometimes I don’t feel so good. Today is one of those days. I just don’t feel like eating.

Instead, I’ve decided to stay in my bed and sleep. Maybe later I’ll Read more

A Visit to the Vet

I’m recovering from another visit to the vet. I weighed in at only a few ounces heavier than last time. Got my nails done, my anal glands squeezed and my rabies vaccine updated. Now I’m fresh and breezy.

No Read more