How Many Hours Should My Chihuahua Sleep Daily?

I’m ready to play, after my nap.

I enjoy sleeping. It’s fun, relaxing and gives me energy to play with my Daddies all evening long. I have many places to sleep so I can pick and choose the best options. There’s my regular, sturdy bed next to my daddy’s bed that’s ideal in winter. It has two blankies over the top of the bed so I can easily run under the covers if ever I need a quick nap and wish to hide.

I also have a portable bed that is next to my daddy in his office where he works during the day. It has a little pillow and a comfy blankie. I prefer to sleep in my own bed at night because I don’t want to be disturbed by my daddies. Also, their bed is so high I might hurt myself if I decide to jump off and use the restroom (piddle pads). My latest love is the giant purple bean bag chair in the family room. With a little effort I can squish it around to make it fit my body perfectly. And there are several blankies I can hide under.

Generally a Chihuahua sleeps 12 – 14 hours a day. Some sleep up to 18 hours a day. There’s light sleep and there’s REM (Rapid Eye Movement) deep sleep. We wake often to make sure our environment is kept safe and secure.

I would sleep longer during the day but my daddy wakes me for a lunch snack and an afternoon walk. I don’t believe in exercise but my daddy does. What can you do. I can’t pass up a delicious snack though.

Around 4:30 I have my most energy of the day. Time to play and snag a few snacks while daddy prepares dinner for everyone, including me. After my evening walk I get a second wind and am up for play and more snacks. No wonder I’m a bit pudgy. Daddy should cut out so many snacks, but I’ll never tell him that!

Then it’s time for a nap while daddies watch TV. The real sleep comes when the TV is off and the lights are out. Pleasant dreams…

Here’s more information on the Behavior and Temperament of Chihuahuas from PetChiDog.

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  1. Hey I love your site and your neatly written humorous response . My little Roman loves them too! You write so lovingly about your pet. I love my little buddy my 4 lbs of love. Thx for all your info.

  2. I’ve never thought I would get an answer so cute and informative by typing in HOW LONG DO CHIUHAUHAUS SLEEP

  3. Hi I have one doubt about chihuahua dogs in all websites there are many things but not clear….did chihuahua drink milk…my dog will not drink milk he hate milk…so please say me did this dog drink milk n what kind of food did this dog eat..

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