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Why does my Chihuahua freak out and hide?

This has happened a few times. Everything is fine, I’m playing, acting my normal, cheerful self. Then it suddenly strikes. I freak and start running around the room with my tail between my legs. I have that scared look in my eyes. My ears are down. Then comes the shivers.

Just last night I was having a good time. I had a nice walk. Ate my dinner and was playing catch with my stuffed racoon and my two daddies. When I tore the foot partly off my racoon my daddy took it away before I had a chance to eat the tempting stuffing. I waited patiently while my daddy sewed my racoon’s foot back on and we played some more. Both daddies were on the floor so I had all the attention I could want. Except for that distracting television on the wall, of course.

I even enjoyed a crumb or two that fell on the floor from a cookie. Then I freaked. Eventually I ended up on my daddy’s lap under a blankie, shivering. This is so not like me. Usually nighttime is play time until I wear my daddies out.

From there I went to my other daddy on the couch and perched myself on his neck while leaning against the sofa back. I could not find a good place to rest. I did not want any snacks. I ignored the chex-mix my daddy was eating and eventually ran into my bed and hid under my blankies. In the middle of the night I went into the bedroom and hid under the blankies in my other bed.

Come morning I was back to normal as if nothing had happened. There was no barfing, no diarrhea, no loud noises, no earthquake, no explanation. I did get lots of worried attention, though. Not much helpful info online.

Has this ever happened to you, or your Chihuahua?