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Spring Plants Can Be Toxic To Your Dog

lucy and the leaf

Doing my part to keep the streets clean.

Spring is officially here. Can you believe it?! I’ve never seen snow but I have felt cold and wind and rain, even in Southern California. I still sleep under three blankies next to a floor heater. I like to be cozy.

But I digress. The subject is toxic plants. You should avoid eating them. I know I am guilty of eating lots of things I shouldn’t. I drive my daddy crazy as I constantly pick up things on my walks. Sometimes I just like to carry a leaf or a stick. But sometimes I smell a flower or catch a piece of a plant that’s blowing in the wind. Often I let go when daddy tries to retrieve my catch. But sometimes I don’t want to and choose to eat it instead.

So far I guess I’m lucky since I have not eating anything bad for me. Occasionally I do cough a bit, but that’s part of the experience of eating on the road.

Unfortunately some plants are toxic to dogs and for Chihuahuas a little bit of toxicity can go a long way to causing harm.

Here’s a list of plants to avoid:

The springtime plants that can result in gastrointestinal upset in dogs and cats include:
Calla lily

Plants that are considered very toxic and can result in severe illness or even death include:
Tiger Lily
Easter Lily
Day lily
Lily of the Valley
Morning Glory
Death Camas

Make sure your daddy or mommy carries a plant identification book when you take a walk, so that when you absolutely have to eat a plant, you’ll know if you have to visit the emergency room.

Or else learn the commands “leave it” and “drop it”. I’m still working on that. So far, I’m winning.