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Do Chihuahuas and Cats Get Along?

Lucy and the Cat

I'm playing hard to get.

Chihuahuas and cats may get along. I for one find them interesting. I’m not sure I would ever want to live with one, though. We both like to groom ourselves, lie in laps to sleep, sun ourselves and get attention.

Chihuahuas are often smaller than most cats. That could prove dangerous if the cat decides to pounce on the Chi from above. And they have claws that scratch. I have personally found that cats like to swipe at little dogs. Luckily I was out of reach.

I often encounter several cats on my daily walks. They come up to me and stare. I stare back. This could be a sign that I’m ready to attack. Probably not a good idea for me to do. I’d probably lose.

I was visiting some relatives recently and they have a cat. This is not the first cat I have been with in an enclosed space. Luckily nothing happened. I growled a bit and he tried to eat my food. But all in all we got along fine. Don’t I look relaxed in the photo? We do not play together, yet, but maybe in the future. As long as I’m in a good mood.

It’s best not to leave your cat and/or Chi alone together until you are absolutely sure they are okay with each other. Try not to stare at them or show anxiety because that might rub off on your Chi. Be calm and maybe all will go splendidly.

For more information check out this article from PetChiDog.

What is “Pancaking” or “Belly Crouching”?

Is that something from IHOP? I wish. Although I’ve never had a pancake I’m sure it would taste quite delicious.

But “pancaking” refers to a submissive behavior common in a lot of small dogs. It happens when your dog is nervous. He lowers his or her belly to the ground and creeps forward on his elbows and haunches. It could also be seen when your dog is suddenly frightened while outside and won’t move. Or like me, I stop suddenly and back up, low to the ground. Sometimes I get scared. Other times I do this just because I don’t want to move.