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Leaving Your Chihuahua Home Alone

There's always time for a nap.

People Sometimes Have to Work

Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to spend 24 hours a day with your dog. People tend to have to work during the day in order to support their dog’s many needs. People also do errands and go out for entertainment purposes without their canine companions. Shocking, I know.

In truth, we dogs occasionally like having a little time to ourselves. It gives us a chance to catch up on naps and play with our toys without constantly having to entertain our human caretakers.

Do You Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

I know my daddy has separation anxiety when he has to leave me alone. We’re both lucky in that he works at home and so he almost never leaves. Help.

Actually I do like having him there. But I save my energy for when my other daddy comes home from work. Then I have three or four hours of fetch to contend with.

Even Chihuahuas Need Some Alone Time

Most dogs get to nap all day long. I have to go on three long walks every day. I show my displeasure by dragging my little feet. I secretly smile when I see my daddy’s frustration with me. Occasionally he’ll pick me up for part of the walk.

But hey, I don’t put a harness on him and pull him from a comfy bed to go out and walk. They made indoor piddle pads for a reason.

Alleviate Boredom for Your Lonely Chihuahua

If you do have to leave your little dog at home alone, make sure they have plenty of toys and chewies to play with so they are not bored. Keep the TV remote accessible (kidding). Don’t forget water. A few snacks would be nice too.

If your dog is anxious and destructive or barks continually, you may want to invest in a dog walker to help with the boredom. You could take your Chihuahua to day care, but I for one would hate that. I prefer my home environment.

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