Toys Make Life Fun for Your Chihuahua

I have more toys than I can play with. I want more.

All Chihuahuas love toys. I especially love stuffed animals that squeak. I have quite a collection.

Toys vs. Daddies

Toys make my life interesting and give me Read more

Why does my Chihuahua chew everything?

Lucy and her toy.

Chihuahuas, like most dogs, love to chew. It’s what we live for. Because we don’t have thumbs, it’s hard for us to use our “hands” to do things with, such as typing this blog, knitting Read more

Natural beef chews beat Rawhide, says this Chihuahua.

I love to chew. After all, I’m only one year old and there’s so much fun stuff out there to chew on. Unfortunately my daddies frown on me chewing things they consider theirs. As if.

Anyway, I’ve been given Read more