Should you Prepare your Chihuahua’s meals from Scratch?

Where is my dinner?!

Chihuahuas love to eat human food. It’s so much more desirable than dog food. But if you really want to cook your own dog food you must find a nutritionally sound recipe.

Don’t make the Read more

Count Calories for your Chihuahua

I exercise and eat right daily.

Do you wonder how much you should feed your little Chihuahua? If he/she is overweight, then you should be very concerned. Overweight dogs do not live as long as normal weight dogs. They Read more

Happy Thanksgiving from a Happy Chihuahua.

Last year I was a 7 week old puppy running wild amongst a herd of Chihuahuas in Corona. Today I celebrated my 2nd Thanksgiving with my new family. We met a year ago tomorrow and have been very happy Read more