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10 Best Places for Chihuahua Naps

I worked hard to earn this nap.

Chihuahuas are, like most dogs, fond of taking many naps throughout the day. We learn early on that naps are fun and an enjoyable way to spend a day.

We sleep up to 18 hours a day so we’re pretty good at it.

In between naps, of course, we must work hard. I usually spend my days guarding, entertaining, exercising, supervising and protecting my daddies. Without me they would be lost.

I decided to list some of my favorite places to sleep and/or nap. They’re actually the same thing except naps are shorter. I am always on the alert though. My work is never done.

  1. In my office daybed. It’s pink and has a pretty daisy on it. A blankie is always on top.
  2. In my living room bed. Bigger than my pink bed with a nice blankie tent. A great place to hide.
  3. Anyplace there is sunlight. We Chihuahuas love to sunbathe and look for that special spot.
  4. On a pillow.
  5. On the sofa.
  6. On the carpet.
  7. On one of my daddy’s lap.
  8. In my daddies’ bed.
  9. In my own bed next to daddy. It’s the same as my office daybed. I think they move it back and forth.
  10. Anyplace under a blankie.

Check out more information about a Chihuahua’s temperament at

How much time should my dog sleep?

That’s a great question. “Experts” say on average a dog sleeps 14 hours a day. There’s an article at that explains all this in detail so I don’t have to.

I sleep about 8 hours at night in my own cozy little bed, which is in an enclosed octagon “bedroom”, located next to the floor heater. I have several warm, cozy blankets to snuggle under. My bedroom is “locked up” at night so I’ll feel safe. Sometimes I think my daddies should let me sleep with them in their bed, but they might crush me.

I’m a working girl. One of my daddies has a graphic arts business in the house so I have to supervise him and make sure he works hard. But I manage to catch a few naps during the day too. When my other daddy comes home at 6 ish it’s time for a walk, dinner and play in front of the TV. Then naptime around 9 to prepare for bedtime.