Top 5 Holiday Tips for Your Dog from is filled with lots of interesting and helpful articles on a variety of pets. I love checking out the ones on dogs so I can share what I learn.

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Chocolate is Toxic to Your Chihuahua

Chocolate is toxic to all dogs, depending on the kind of chocolate and amount eaten. But remember how small a Chihuahua is, typically 2-6 pounds. I’m a bit bigger than most Chihuahuas, weighing in at almost 10 pounds. Yikes. Read more

9 Non-Scary Halloween Safety Tips for Your Chihuahua

Is Your Chihuahua Halloween Ready?

As a proud Chihuahua, I do not like getting dressed up for Halloween. Unless I’m wearing my pink parka to keep me warm, I prefer to run around naked. Except, of course, for my Read more

Kitchen Dangers that are Poisonous to Pets!

The world can be a dangerous place for your little Chihuahua. My daddy came across this video on For your little dog’s safety (and cats too) I recommend you watch it.

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Grapes and Raisins Can Harm Your Chihuahua!

Tasty but Deadly Grapes and Raisins

They seem innocent enough. And they look tasty. But my daddy never lets me eat grapes or raisins. He says they can kill me.

The truth is, grapes and raisins, especially when eaten Read more