Did you know dogs get hernias too!

A hernia is "an abnormal opening in a muscle through which other tissues of the body pass." These openings, or hernias, are under the skin so you don't actually see them. There are two primary kinds of hernias in dogs. One is in the groin area an another in the "belly button" area. Read more

Chihuahua Safety and 8 Holiday Decorating No Nos

Have you decorated your home for the holidays? Have you considered how fascinated your little Chihuahua is with all things chewable? Imagine their reaction to trees, lights, ornaments, tinsel, pine needles, gifts, flocking and more.

This is my second Read more

Should I cut or file my Chihuahua’s toenails?

I absolutely hate having my toenails cut. It seems like a silly thing to do. And potentially painful, too.

Being a Chihuahua, you would think it would be easy to cut my nails and it would be, too, if Read more

Are vegetables good for your Chihuahua?

That depends on who you ask. I personally enjoy eating vegetables. I even like lettuce. In fact, I pretty much like anything that falls to the floor, including scraps of paper and stuff in the street.

Be that as Read more

Natural beef chews beat Rawhide, says this Chihuahua.

I love to chew. After all, I’m only one year old and there’s so much fun stuff out there to chew on. Unfortunately my daddies frown on me chewing things they consider theirs. As if.

Anyway, I’ve been given Read more

My Chihuahua seems to cough after drinking water. What’s up with that?

Whenever I drink water, it seems I sort of choke. It upsets my daddy a bit, but he’s used to a Chihuahua making that scary choking noise. He last little Chi girl had a similar affliction. It doesn’t ever Read more

Why is my Chihuahua licking and biting her feet?

I suffer from this problem too. I find myself constantly licking and chewing on my tiny little Chihuahua feet. I can’t help myself. They itch. And now they are pink and missing hair. What’s a little girl to do? Read more