Is it Safe if Your Chihuahua Eats a Fly?

I’m not proud of it, but I do find flies fascinating. I love to chase them if they happen to get in my house.

I don’t feel that they are welcome and it is my job to get rid Read more

Why Does My Chihuahua Sniff Everything In Sight?

Sniffing is serious business.

Do you feel like your dog is an anchor when you take them on a walk? Just think how you would feel if someone put a collar around your neck and dragged you outside. Sometimes Read more

5 Easy Ways to Give your Chihuahua Medication

Anticipating my medicine.

This actually applies to all dogs but since I am a Chihuahua I tend to be self-centered. Medicine is not tasty. Therefore, trying to give your Chi a pill is going to be a problem, unless, Read more

Caring For Your Chihuahua After Surgery.

Going through surgery is tough. I should know. And boy was I cranky. Still am.

First I was left alone with people I didn’t know. They put me in a cage like a common dog. Then they carried me Read more

Vote for Lucy the Chi. Pretty Please!

Cast your vote for AllMyChihuahuas and make Lucy happy.

I need your help. I have entered my blog in the “ 2010 Dog Blog Award” Contest and I need at least 50 votes by the 20th of February to Read more

Did you know dogs get hernias too!

A hernia is "an abnormal opening in a muscle through which other tissues of the body pass." These openings, or hernias, are under the skin so you don't actually see them. There are two primary kinds of hernias in dogs. One is in the groin area an another in the "belly button" area. Read more

Taking your Chihuahua’s picture on the iPhone just got easier.

Lucy in a pensive mood.

PetSnap is a neat little app for the iPhone. What it does is allow you to choose from a variety of sounds to get your pet’s attention before you snap the picture. There are Read more

How much time should my dog sleep?

That’s a great question. “Experts” say on average a dog sleeps 14 hours a day. There’s an article at that explains all this in detail so I don’t have to.

I sleep about 8 hours at night in Read more

Can dogs catch the human flu virus?

Last Sunday I went to dinner with my daddies at a friend’s house. All seemed to be going fine. I didn’t get to eat any of the good food at the table. Just my usual dog food. But I Read more