Stubborn Chihuahua Walking, or Not!

I won't go. You can't make me!

A Well Behaved Chihuahua Should Walk At Your Side

How do you get your little Chihuahua to walk nicely with you? In my case, you don’t. I’m in control most of the Read more

Bathing your Chihuahua can be Fun

My daddy forget to take a picture of me bathing so this will have to do.

I disagree. I just had a bath today and it was certainly not fun. One daddy held me in the bathtub, which had Read more

Spring Plants Can Be Toxic To Your Dog

Doing my part to keep the streets clean.

Spring is officially here. Can you believe it?! I’ve never seen snow but I have felt cold and wind and rain, even in Southern California. I still sleep under three blankies Read more

Why does my Chihuahua chew everything?

Lucy and her toy.

Chihuahuas, like most dogs, love to chew. It’s what we live for. Because we don’t have thumbs, it’s hard for us to use our “hands” to do things with, such as typing this blog, knitting Read more

Should you Prepare your Chihuahua’s meals from Scratch?

Where is my dinner?!

Chihuahuas love to eat human food. It’s so much more desirable than dog food. But if you really want to cook your own dog food you must find a nutritionally sound recipe.

Don’t make the Read more

Count Calories for your Chihuahua

I exercise and eat right daily.

Do you wonder how much you should feed your little Chihuahua? If he/she is overweight, then you should be very concerned. Overweight dogs do not live as long as normal weight dogs. They Read more

How do I remove surgical tape from my dog’s skin?

Waiting for my surgical tape to fall off.

This is not an easy thing to do. Trust me, I know. It’s very painful if you pull the tape off. Yikes! Since I just had knee surgery a week and Read more

5 Easy Ways to Give your Chihuahua Medication

Anticipating my medicine.

This actually applies to all dogs but since I am a Chihuahua I tend to be self-centered. Medicine is not tasty. Therefore, trying to give your Chi a pill is going to be a problem, unless, Read more

Caring For Your Chihuahua After Surgery.

Going through surgery is tough. I should know. And boy was I cranky. Still am.

First I was left alone with people I didn’t know. They put me in a cage like a common dog. Then they carried me Read more

Lucy the Chi interviews her daddy on the day of her surgery.

I’m resting in my blankie on my daddy’s lap but boy do I have a few questions for him.

Lucy: Hey, daddy. Why didn’t I get my usual breakfast this morning? I know I’m a bit picky when you Read more