Why is my Chihuahua licking and biting her feet?

I suffer from this problem too. I find myself constantly licking and chewing on my tiny little Chihuahua feet. I can’t help myself. They itch. And now they are pink and missing hair. What’s a little girl to do? Read more

How much time should my dog sleep?

That’s a great question. “Experts” say on average a dog sleeps 14 hours a day. There’s an article at Petplace.com that explains all this in detail so I don’t have to.

I sleep about 8 hours at night in Read more

Help! My Chihuahua ate a Chocolate Chip Cookie.

I ate part of a chocolate chip cookie yesterday and boy was it ever good. And I’m here to tell you I survived. No reaction whatsoever. No diarrhea, vomiting, running in circles. Nada.

You see, my daddy dropped part Read more

What is “Pancaking” or “Belly Crouching”?

Is that something from IHOP? I wish. Although I’ve never had a pancake I’m sure it would taste quite delicious.

But “pancaking” refers to a submissive behavior common in a lot of small dogs. It happens when your dog Read more

Why is my Chihuahua such a finicky eater?

It’s because we can be. Why eat the same old thing every day when, with a little effort, you can convince your “caretaker” that you need variety. If you ate your dog food without any problems you wouldn’t be Read more

What happened to my blog?!

While moving my fantastic blog over to a new server my daddy neglected to save a backup of all the files and what do you know? They’re all gone. At least mostly.

Hopefully he will be able to restore Read more

Why does my Chihuahua have Droopy Ear Syndrome?

Do all Chihuahuas have ears that stand straight up? If they are breed standard then yes, their ears most likely will be standing up. But all Chihuahuas are not created equal. Some of us may not be well bred. Read more