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Why Does Your Chihuahua Pant

Our Mouth is Our Air Conditioner

For some reason we Chihuahuas (and all dogs) seem to cool ourselves through our mouths. Our skin does not sweat. I’m a lady, after all. And I wear a beautiful fur coat every day.

Sweating through our mouths may seem inefficient, but it’s the best we can do.

Sometimes panting makes us look like we’re smiling and happy. Keep thinking that.

It really means we’re hot and probably bothered.

Plenty of Water is Important

You must keep your Chi hydrated. We need to drink plenty of water, especially in warm weather. Encouraging your Chi to drink may not be easy but it’s worth the effort. In hot weather add an ice cube for enticement.

Some dogs like fancy fountain dishes. I just have a cheap aluminum bowl. It’s shiny. Aluminum is better than other types of bowls since it’s not porous and doesn’t breed germs. You should wash your Chi’s water dish once or twice a day. After all, it’s just sitting there on the floor all day and night. Would you drink out of that?

Use Caution When Exercising in the Heat

Exercise is important for all dogs, including little Chihuahuas. But if the weather is very hot, it’s best to walk your Chi in the early morning or late evening to avoid the hot sun. Keep in mind that our little feet are somewhat naked and are touching the hot sidewalk and asphalt. Ugh.

Do your Chihuahuas pant? Any stories?

An article on why dogs pant.

Chihuahuas Can Now Vote in California

Well, maybe not for real. But I did enjoy voting in the last special election.

Lucy at the voting boothI won’t say who I voted for but I’m happy with the results.

Lucy voted.Someday when I’m old enough I may be able to vote for real. I have strong opinions and they should count!

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A Chihuahua’s Perspective on How to Save OLTL and AMC

One Life to Live ends forever on January 20th, 2012

You may wonder what a Chihuahua has to do with TV soap operas. I blame my daddy. He named my website All My Chihuahuas instead of The World of Lucy or some such thing.

My daddy is a soap opera junkie and has been since he was a kid. Trained by his mother, who passed on long before I was born, daddy grew up watching As The World Turns, Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow. One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless was added to the mix when daddy was still in high school, before the era of VCRs (he’s very old).

That’s a lot of TV watching.

If you ask me, daddy watches too much TV. That’s time that could be spent either playing with me or feeding me. He should be grateful for the extra time being added to his life. After all, he only has one life to live and it should be spent devoted to his Chihuahua.

Options to Save the Soaps

Because my daddy still loves his daytime “stories” I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to either save One Life to Live and All My Children or at least keep the stories going.

  • Internet Only. Find a way to keep the show going online. Probably not a practical idea since the cost of producing a soap is estimated at $50 million a year.
  • Netflix to the rescue. Netflix is currently looking to add more streaming content, perhaps even becoming network-like. They’ve just added films from Miramax and one new series. Why not add a few soap operas which already have an audience of almost 2 million daily viewers or more, depending on how you count. Adding up to 2 million or more monthly subscribers would equal a lot of money. Just saying.
  • Radio Soaps. Let’s go back to the beginning, before TV. Soaps began on the radio, why not bring them back. Money would be saved by eliminating the cost of sets, cameras, makeup, costumes, etc. Actors would have less work to do, meaning less pay. But at least the story would go on.
  • Soap Grafix. If it’s true that people no longer want to watch soaps on TV, then how about a series of graphic, illustrated stories. They could be printed or created as an app for the iPhone, iPad or online.
  • Novels and/or Serialized eBooks. The stories could still go on, if only in the reader’s head. The main cost would be for the writer(s) and perhaps the rights to the characters and story history.

These are just some ideas to help my daddy and others who will certainly miss their “stories”. Have you got others?

Grapes and Raisins Can Harm Your Chihuahua!

Tasty but Deadly Grapes and Raisins

They seem innocent enough. And they look tasty. But my daddy never lets me eat grapes or raisins. He says they can kill me.

The truth is, grapes and raisins, especially when eaten in large quantities, can cause acute kidney failure in your dog and lead to death if not treated. Yikes!

They say one or two may not prove harmful but then again, a Chihuahua is a very little dog, and even one raisin or grape may do damage.

So if you drop a raisin or grape on the floor, make sure you grab it before your dog does. I run when I hear food drop and I’m on it in an instant. I have not tasted a grape or raisin so please don’t tempt me by leaving them where I can get to it.

Read Raisin and Grape Toxicity in Dogs for more information on this toxic treat.

Also Grape and Raisin Toxicosis by Dr. Debra Primovic from

If your Chi does eat grapes or raisins, contact your vet for advice on what to do.

Toys Make Life Fun for Your Chihuahua

I have more toys than I can play with. I want more.

All Chihuahuas love toys. I especially love stuffed animals that squeak. I have quite a collection.

Toys vs. Daddies

Toys make my life interesting and give me something to do. But toys are not a substitute for my daddies. In fact, being able to play games with my daddies make my toys even more fun. That’s because all dogs are social animals and love attention.

My stuffed mouse and porcupine are my current favorites. I also have a bunny, hippo and other various animals, but don’t find them as fascinating.

Toy Repair Hospital

Sometimes I manage to make a hole in my stuffed toy and pull out the stuffing. That is even more fun. But it is a solitary game. Once my daddy finds me doing this, that toy quickly vanishes. There is a toy hospital drawer in the kitchen and a sewing kit. After a while the toy reappears but the hole is gone. The challenge is for me to find or create more holes.

I also have a Kong toy. It has an odd shape and is made of hard rubber. There’s a hole in one end. It’s a pretty boring toy, except when my daddy puts a treat inside. It’s actually wedged in the hole. I eat the treat as much as I can.

The object is for me to learn how to get the entire treat out. Sometimes it’s too much work. I’ve taught my daddy how to get the treat out for me. It’s a simple trick. I take the Kong to daddy, lay it at his feet, and scratch at his leg. Eventually he gives in and gets the treat out for me. He never eats it himself. I guess he’s being nice to me. It’s fun to teach daddy a new trick.

Chuck-It, and daddy will throw it back

Another favorite toy is my Chuck-It ball. It’s a colorful, mini tennis ball. The perfect size for us little Chihuahuas. They seem to be multiplying. First I had one, then two. Now I have four. Five if you count the one I chewed up a bit. I don’t know where it is now, but I’m sure it will show up sooner or later.

The trick is to carry the ball to one daddy and toss it. He either throws it so I can retrieve it, or he kicks it with his foot. Either way, I get it and bring it back. I take turns going from one daddy to the other. Sometimes the ball gets stuck under furniture or something. I find that by staring at it for a time usually brings a daddy over to retrieve it. Daddies are fun to control. I get them to do all sorts of things for me.

Every so often I get a new toy. At first it’s fun, but I usually go back to my favorites. I’m a creature of habit. They say you should recycle your dog’s toys. By that I mean, take some away for a while and bring back old toys I haven’t seen in a while. It’s supposed to make them seem like new again. How stupid do you think I am. I can tell when a toy is new or not. New toys usually come in a plastic bag and have to have a tag to be removed. And there’s no slobbery smells on them yet.

Safe toys are best

Make sure your toys are sturdy. You don’t want your Chihuahua to eat a squeaker. I recently got one out of a toy and created a new toy for myself. Until my daddy stole it. I never did see that squeaker again.

For more information, read “Dog Toys: How to Figure Out What Your Dog Likes Best”

Why Remove the Pin in your Chihuahua’s Kneecap?

Recovering from my knee “procedure”.

Mostly because it has come out of place. I’ve recently recovered from my knee surgery to fix my Luxating Patella. This is a common problem for little dogs like myself, where your kneecap pops out and makes walking difficult. So I had the surgery and everything was fine. It had something to do with fixing the groove so the kneecap stays in place.

Except after a while, the pin that was used in surgery to help keep the kneecap in place came loose. My vet assured me this was not a problem.

Then I started limping and hip-hopping so it became a bit of a problem. The answer was to remove the pin. It was no longer needed and served its purpose. Lucky for me this was a simple outpatient procedure that just required a local anesthetic. In less than 10 minutes the pin was out. I didn’t even require stitches.

Daddy was told not to let me lick the area where the pin was removed. So, of course, the first thing I did when I got home was to lick that area. What? It required my attention. I had to clean it and help it to heal. Don’t even think of putting that ugly cone around my neck.

Does Your Chihuahua Get Stressed?

Lucy at Hydrant

Checking out hydrants relieves my stress.

Lots of things can stress your Chihuahua.

We take our cue from our human companions as well as the environment. We Chihuahuas are very intuitive and we know when something is up with our parents. Also stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, strangers at the door, strange company, noisy children, people putting their hands in front of our faces, being left alone, arguing parents, any change in our routines. Ay, the list goes on.

Because Chihuahuas tend to be nervous types, a little bit of stress can cause unwanted behavior. Don’t ask.

There’s a great article called “Our Stress, Depression, Joy…Can Dogs Tell” by Dr. Nicholas Dodman. Dogs really know when something is wrong and whether they should hide or attack. I have lots of hiding places and know just where to go where I can’t be caught.

Depending on our personality, we can either act out in an aggressive or annoying way or just take to our beds and nap. Nice soothing classical music helps us relax. Just make sure it’s not the 1812 Overture.

[Advertising Alert!]

Music My Pet is one of several CDs made especially to help your dog relax. It makes a perfect gift for that hyper dog, and their human caretakers.

Why Does My Chihuahua Hiccup?

Lucy at Work

Sleeping on the job.

Because we can. Just like humans, dogs can get the hiccups. Mostly this happens with puppies if they eat or drink too fast. They usually outgrow this.

Sometimes I still get the hiccups just because. Mostly hiccups are harmless, but if you notice other symptoms such as vomiting, see your dreaded vet.

Do Dogs Worry?

Everyone knows dogs have emotions. An interesting article from Purina tells all about it. I bet you can tell when your little Chihuahua is happy, upset, sad, angry, hungry and has to go potty.

But do we worry? We would if we knew what that meant. The thing is that that people who care for us sometimes worry and we are very intuitive little creatures so we pick up on that emotion. For instance, I can tell that my daddy is upset about something. It’s the way he looks at me and the tone of some of the things he says.

I know that I am having surgery in a few days. I know this because I’ve heard my daddies discuss it. What I don’t know is what a surgery is. I also don’t know what a Tuesday is or what a few days from now is.

I just know that my daddies are not too happy when they discuss this topic so therefore I sense that something is going to happen that is not too fun. It has something to do with a knee, a cap, a hernia and a baby tooth. I’m not sure what these things are but I bet I am better off not knowing.

When this stuff happens I’ll let you know all about it.

Do Chihuahuas and Cats Get Along?

Lucy and the Cat

I'm playing hard to get.

Chihuahuas and cats may get along. I for one find them interesting. I’m not sure I would ever want to live with one, though. We both like to groom ourselves, lie in laps to sleep, sun ourselves and get attention.

Chihuahuas are often smaller than most cats. That could prove dangerous if the cat decides to pounce on the Chi from above. And they have claws that scratch. I have personally found that cats like to swipe at little dogs. Luckily I was out of reach.

I often encounter several cats on my daily walks. They come up to me and stare. I stare back. This could be a sign that I’m ready to attack. Probably not a good idea for me to do. I’d probably lose.

I was visiting some relatives recently and they have a cat. This is not the first cat I have been with in an enclosed space. Luckily nothing happened. I growled a bit and he tried to eat my food. But all in all we got along fine. Don’t I look relaxed in the photo? We do not play together, yet, but maybe in the future. As long as I’m in a good mood.

It’s best not to leave your cat and/or Chi alone together until you are absolutely sure they are okay with each other. Try not to stare at them or show anxiety because that might rub off on your Chi. Be calm and maybe all will go splendidly.

For more information check out this article from PetChiDog.