Did My Chihuahua Have a Seizure or a Major Freak-out?

The other day I was acting my usual, friendly, lively self. My favorite neighbor stopped by for a moment and I greeted her as I always do.

Daddy picked me up to prevent me from running outside to snarl Read more

Save Your Chihuahua From the Heat

Chihuahuas are for pampering, not cooking

It’s summertime and the living may not be easy if you leave your little Chihuahua (or any dog or child) in a locked car. We do not enjoy being cooked, and the temperature Read more

How to Throw Your Chihuahua a Birthday Party

Chihuahuas Love Parties

We Chihuahuas enjoy a party as much as the next dog. Well, maybe some more than others. As long as there is food and treats.

There are three main Chihuahua personality types:

The social butterfly. This Read more

Why It’s Important to Bring Your Chihuahua in for Yearly Checkups

It’s Always Best to be Informed of Your Chihuahua’s Health

Waiting for the doctor at my annual visit.

When my daddy took me out to the car for a ride I thought I was going to see my grandpa. Read more

Lucy the Chihuahua’s First Online Video

Watch as Lucy enjoys her new stuffed toy! Enjoy.

How to Give Your Chihuahua Medication

Do not give your Chi human medicine unless your vet says it's okay. Read more

Is it Safe if Your Chihuahua Eats a Fly?

I’m not proud of it, but I do find flies fascinating. I love to chase them if they happen to get in my house.

I don’t feel that they are welcome and it is my job to get rid Read more

Can Your Chihuhua Help you Deal with Life’s Stress?

Chihuahuas make very good stress busters.

Lucy relaxing on her daddy.

Having a pet can be very relaxing and may very well extend your life. Chihuahuas make great companions, are loyal and very portable. Some may be a bit Read more

Keep Your Chihuahua Safe During the Holidays

The holidays can be a fun and busy time. It can also be stressful, especially for your little Chihuahua.

What’s that tree doing in my home?

We are curious beings. The sudden arrival of a tree in the middle Read more

Please Keep Your Pet on a Leash

Walking Your Dog Could Be Dangerous

Taking your little Chihuahua on a walk around your neighborhood is not without it’s hazards.

I have a lot of work to do when I go for a walk, such as controlling a Read more