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Did My Chihuahua Have a Seizure or a Major Freak-out?

The other day I was acting my usual, friendly, lively self. My favorite neighbor stopped by for a moment and I greeted her as I always do.

Daddy picked me up to prevent me from running outside to snarl at the neighborhood pugs walking by. The neighbor left and daddy put me down while he started dinner.

A few moments later daddy saw me slinking into the kitchen. Something was wrong. I was shivering and my ears were down.

Seizure or Freakout?

Daddy picked me up immediately because I was acting strangely stiff and terrified. Was it a seizure? I wasn’t flopping around or foaming at the mouth. I did not lose consciousness or fall down.

I just acted petrified which scared daddy and myself. After holding me still for a while I seemed to be calming down. When daddy let go of me I headed for the bedroom and hid under the bed.

About a half hour later I came out of hiding and looked around to see what was up. My other daddy came home and everything was fine as usual. You would never know I had a major freak-out.

Daddy is not going to take me to the dreaded Vet because that would really freak me out. I’m back to normal. Daddy’s last Chihuahua had seizures but this did not seem like one.

What Causes Chihuahua Freak-outs?

This has happened before. There were no loud noises, no yelling, no commotion. Nothing.

But perhaps there was something. I have very sensitive ears and a terrific sense of smell. I may have heard something that caused a sensory overload.

I cannot explain it because I haven’t mastered English well enough to verbalize my feelings and experiences. It’s hard enough to get my daddy to transcribe these posts for all my fans. I come up with the ideas and do all the proofreading.

Have you experienced the new “Chihuahua Freak Out” syndrome? If so, tell us your experiences.

If you suspect your Chihuahua is having a seizure contact your vet immediately, even if your Chi protests.

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Save Your Chihuahua From the Heat

Chihuahuas are for pampering, not cooking

It’s summertime and the living may not be easy if you leave your little Chihuahua (or any dog or child) in a locked car. We do not enjoy being cooked, and the temperature climbs quite rapidly in a car, even with the windows open. It can reach 120 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Outdoor Chihuahuas

Although Chihuahuas are stronger than people think, we’re still very small creatures and leaving your Chi outside in the hot sun during the day, with no escape, can also be dangerous. If you must leave your Chi outside (and why would you), please provide shaded shelter and plenty of cool, fresh water.

Watch for these signs of heat stroke:

  • Frantic Panting
  • Vomiting
  • Staggering around
  • Diarrhea
  • Bright Red Tongue

Try to walk your Chihuahua during the early morning and later evening hours when it may not be so hot. If you live in the desert, try indoor pee pads. Who wants to walk in temperatures higher than 76 degrees, I say.

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How to Throw Your Chihuahua a Birthday Party

Chihuahuas Love Parties

We Chihuahuas enjoy a party as much as the next dog. Well, maybe some more than others. As long as there is food and treats.

There are three main Chihuahua personality types:

The social butterfly. This is me. I love people. I will run to almost anyone and greet them, after a moment of preliminary sniffing. It’s my ‘getting to know you’ period.

The barky bitey type. This was my daddy’s previous Chihuahua, Tasha. She hated most people and would just as soon bite them than allow them to touch her or her daddy. A party would not be a good idea for this type of personality.

The nervous and shy type. Some Chihuahuas are afraid of almost everything. A quiet treat at home may be a better idea than tormenting your Chi on their birthday with a roomful of people and dogs.

Should your guest list include other dogs?

Make sure your Chihuahua likes other dogs before inviting them. If they only like a few, just invite those chosen ones. Never invite dogs your Chihuahua doesn’t know or like. Why ruin the party with unwanted guests.

Encourage your guests to bring lots of presents.

We Chis like treats, stuffed animals, chewy toys, squeaky toys, pull toys, crunchy toys, balls of various sorts and sizes. Also bones, biscuits, jerky, cookies and did I mention treats?

Avoid clothes, collars, tags and other boring stuff. You wouldn’t give that to a child, would you?

What to serve at your Chi’s party.

Food. Find your local dog bakery and splurge on a dog friendly cake or other party-like treats. Meat snacks also go well. Forget the sugary snacks. They’re not good for anyone. If you must feed humans too, then a cake is okay. But not chocolate. Drop a piece of chocolate cake on the floor and it will be covered by the nearest Chihuahua in an instant. And remember, chocolate is toxic to dogs of all kinds.

How to dress your Chihuahua for their party.

Most dogs prefer being naked. Let’s face it, dogs hate wearing clothes unless it’s very cold. I especially detest hats, collars, boots, shoes of any kind, anything on my head including bows and ribbons. All these items are for chewing, not wearing. I come with a pre-built-in fur coat. It’s one of a kind and fits great.

Human types should wear comfortable clothes that resist dog hair. Avoid colors that are too dark or light. Never wear a fur coat of any kind, unless it’s fake.

Eating Out with your Chi

If throwing a party for your Chihuahua is too stressful or expensive, why not take your little companion out to dinner to celebrate. We will totally enjoy your company and of course good food. I love eating out with my daddies and have done so quite frequently.

There are many restaurants that have outdoor dining and welcome dogs. Find one that’s not too noisy or distracting, but has pleasant surroundings, interesting sights and shade or heat, where appropriate.

Bring your Chi’s favorite blankie for your lap or else a comfortable carrier so they will feel at home. Don’t forget a water dish and treats. Be careful about sharing your own meal with your Chihuahua. Rich foods can cause stomach problems as well as obesity. Besides, just being with you is all your little Chi needs. That and lots of love.

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Why It’s Important to Bring Your Chihuahua in for Yearly Checkups

It’s Always Best to be Informed of Your Chihuahua’s Health

Waiting for the doctor at my annual visit.

When my daddy took me out to the car for a ride I thought I was going to see my grandpa. This is something we do regularly.

But alas we went back to that place where they stick me with needles, lock me in a cage and cut me open on occasion.

From my daddy’s point of view, a yearly checkup is important. He say’s it’s to make sure I am healthy and that my teeth, ears and heart are all okay. He also wanted to make sure my kneecaps were completely healed and working fine.

I could have told him that and avoided a $70 visit. I’m not paying for it.

Obesity is bad for dogs too.

Unfortunately the scale was not my friend. It showed me weighing in at 11 pounds. A standard AKC Chihuahua should weigh no more than 6 pounds.

I am not standard. Nor am I AKC. Nobody gave me any papers which is why I was sold cheap. How barbaric is that?!

The thing is, I am larger than the average Chihuahua. Even still, the doctor says I need to lose a few pounds. Being overweight can have a bad effect on my heart and legs.

I hope I do not have to give up all my treats. And those long walks are quite taxing. I prefer napping.

Why the Freak-Out

My daddy asked the doctor why I sometimes stop what I’m doing and run to my bed, hiding under the covers. He says it’s probably because I hear something my daddy doesn’t and it scares me.

I have keen hearing, although sirens do not bother me. I can even hear when a little food drops on the kitchen floor. I’m there in a flash to gobble it up.

Diet or not, I will find and eat anything that falls on the floor. Knowing I have no real physical problems is always good. As I get older it will be even more important.

Lucy the Chihuahua’s First Online Video

Watch as Lucy enjoys her new stuffed toy! Enjoy.

How to Give Your Chihuahua Medication

This is not always an easy task. I, for one, do not want medicine. Especially if I don’t feel well. Keep those pills and ear drops away from me.

On the occasion when I do need medicine, my daddy thinks he’s cleverer than I am. He tries to hide pills or liquid medicine in tasty food treats. I know better. If it’s a nasty liquid I won’t eat the treat. If it’s a pill, I can often detect it and spit it out. Especially if it’s bitter. Once in a while I would give in and eat the whole treat, just to please my daddy. But it has to be a premium treat, like meat or ice cream.


The easy way to give a pill is to hide it in a premium treat. There’s peanut butter, cheese, pieces of meat, canned (really!) dog food, and my favorite, ice cream.

The hard way is to gently open your Chihuahua’s little mouth and stick the pill at the back of their throat. Then close their mouth and wait for them to swallow. If you’re Chi is like me, that will never happen. I’d just as soon bite you rather than let you put your hand down my throat.

Check out How to Administer Pill Medication to Your Dog by Dr. Dawn Ruben for more information.

Topical Medication

This could be anything from ointment for bites to flea medicine. I hate anyone touching my feet. Especially the front ones. But I do enjoy biting and licking them myself.

The trick is to get me when I’m really tired and too sleepy to resist. I may let my daddy put ointment on my feet but he must be quick before I wake into the biting stage.

I hate flea medicine. It’s cold and yucky and smells. How would you like somebody to squeeze a smelly liquid onto your back and feeling it drip down. Can you blame me for hiding after that ordeal?!

Wait a few days after a bath before using flea medicine. Give the skin’s oils a chance to come back to normal levels so that they can absorb the medicine. Plus your pet will not enjoy ruining that fresh, clean after bath feeling with yucky flea medicine.

How to Apply Topical Medication to Your Dog from

Ear Medication

Worse than flea medicine, when I had an ear infection my daddies had to put COLD liquid medicine in my ears. Why that medicine needs to be refrigerated is beyond me. But it’s the worst. It takes two daddies. One to hold me and one to annoy me with the drops in my ears. I know, I know. It’s for my own good. But I still reserve the right to bite.

How to Administer Ear Medication to Your Dog by Dr. Dawn Ruben

Eye Medication

Try to get your Chihuahua still so you can put the drops in their eye(s). Good luck with that. I have not needed eye drops but I’m sure I would not like it.

How to Administer Eye Medication to Your Dog from

Human Medication Not Good for Your Chihuahua

Do not give your Chi human medicine unless your vet says it’s okay. Remember, we are little dogs and human medicine is for big people. Don’t ever overdose your little Chi. Even a bit of aspirin can be dangerous if not given properly.

3 Medications You Should Never Give Your Dog By Dr. Jon

Is it Safe if Your Chihuahua Eats a Fly?

I’m not proud of it, but I do find flies fascinating. I love to chase them if they happen to get in my house.

I don’t feel that they are welcome and it is my job to get rid of them. Nobody else seems to care.

Fly Adventure


So the other day I chased a fly all around the office where my daddy works. I believe the fly was on getting old because he wasn’t flying very high.

I persevered and eventually won. I caught that fly in my mouth. In hindsight I should have spit him out but no. Being a creature of instincts I ate the fly and it tasted funny.


The experience sort of freaked me out. So I ran under my daddy’s bed and hid there for a few hours. Then I ran under the blankets of my own bed and hid there for a while.

Finally daddy came to take me for a walk and I snapped out of it.

If another fly comes into my house I’m afraid I will try to get him too. What can I say. Flies belong outside.

Is swallowing a fly safe for your dog?

Your dog is probably okay. Daddy researched this interesting topic online and found some people say nothing will happen. Others say they could get a disease or tapeworms. And still others say you get tapeworms from eating fleas, not flies.

Do you know the answer? Let us know.

Can Your Chihuhua Help you Deal with Life’s Stress?

Chihuahuas make very good stress busters.

Lucy relaxing on her daddy.

Having a pet can be very relaxing and may very well extend your life. Chihuahuas make great companions, are loyal and very portable. Some may be a bit yappy but no one’s perfect.

Chihuahuas travel well.

We are small so you can take us almost anywhere. Unfortunately most indoor theaters and restaurants don’t allow pets. Why not find one that does? Eating outside with your Chi can be fun and relaxing. Although if you live in a cold climate this could be problematic.

Chihuahuas are low maintenance.

I get a bath every month or two. It takes less than 15 minutes. Then I’m towel dried and good to go. It’s all stress free and fun.

Massaging your Chi relieves your tension.

Plop your Chi in your lap and give a gentle back massage. Your Chihuahua will love it and reward you by falling asleep.

It’s take your Chi to work day.

We make great work companions too. Why not place an extra bed next to your office desk and take your Chi to work. Some people may have to ask permission for this, though. I don’t see why.

Walking your Chihuahua is healthy and fun.

Exercise is good for everybody. It extends your life and feels good. Taking your little companion along benefits both you and your Chi. We’re sturdy little dogs and we love to sniff and explore our world.

When you burn calories by walking you can maintain a healthy weight and enjoy an occasional treat. My daddy says I’m a one tissue dog. Make sure you carry something to collect your pup’s little presents and dispose of them properly.

Keep Your Chihuahua Safe During the Holidays

The holidays can be a fun and busy time. It can also be stressful, especially for your little Chihuahua.

What’s that tree doing in my home?

A Holiday ToyWe are curious beings. The sudden arrival of a tree in the middle of the living room can mean new indoor plumbing to a little dog. You should probably let your Chi know that tree is not an invitation to relieve himself. Make sure this would be difficult by putting the tree on a platform or put a fence around it. Just make sure the fence itself is not a chewing temptation.

Ooh, lots of gifts to unwrap

Not only is there a tree, but there are wrapped packages and bags under it. And lights on strings. And ornaments, hooks, tinsel, garlands, fake cookies, holiday plants and so much more. How can a dog resist the temptation to chew, chew and chew.

If your Chi companion is a chewer, make sure they can’t get at the goodies under or on the tree. And watch out for those fallen needles, they can’t be digested. We don’t care what something tastes like, if it’s there, we chew and sometimes swallow. So it’s best to protect us from ourselves.

So many people to greet

Sometimes I’m in a friendly mood. But sometimes not so much. If you like to entertain your friends and relatives, make sure your Chihuahua has a safe haven to hide in. I have one of my beds in my daddies’ bedroom and can easily escape there, under the covers. Just make sure your guests know that when you’re dog is in it’s safe place, do not disturb.

For more information you’ll also want to read “Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Winter Holidays” by Linda Perney from

Please Keep Your Pet on a Leash

Walking Your Dog Could Be Dangerous

Taking your little Chihuahua on a walk around your neighborhood is not without it’s hazards.

I have a lot of work to do when I go for a walk, such as controlling a large human on a string. I also have to catalog various new smells along the way and spread my essence to mark my territory. It’s tough and time consuming. I can’t just walk all willy-nilly.

In addition, I must constantly be aware of squirrels, cats, people walking dogs on leashes, UPS and FedEx trucks, mailmen, garbage trucks and cars. Oy.

Friendly Dogs Not On Leashes Can Still Cause Harm

But one of the biggest hazards of all is, I must beware of dogs without leashes.

Some people feel they have the right to keep their dogs leash free when on or near their own, unfenced property. I have heard over and over how friendly their dog is. But what if your dog isn’t. And if another dog bounces over to your dog, and your dog attacks, then who’s to blame?

We Chihuahuas are very protective of our human companions. We also want to protect ourselves. We don’t always know that a dog is friendly. We just see a threat coming our way and we react.

So please keep your pets on a leash. And if you must tie them up outside, make sure they can’t reach the sidewalk where people may be walking by.

State Leash Laws

Check your local state for it’s leash laws. I go by California’s leash laws.

By the way, it’s best to use a harness on your small dog. You don’t want to risk choking them. And in an emergency you can pick up your dog by the harness without fear of strangling them.

Scrappy “Choke Free” Step-In Harness